We specialise in

  • Manufacturing designer and boutique lingerie
  • Manufacture of bespoke swimwear
  • Heat transfer of crystals and rhinestones
  • Garment remanufacture and garment remaking
  • Commercial upholstery sewing
  • Prototype and sample making
  • Flexible with small or large runs
  • Digital embroidery
“One of few places left in the UK where high quality commercial sewing skills and technology still exist”

Established in 2001, AJM is one of the few places left in the UK where high quality commercial sewing skills and technology still exist. We have built an outstanding reputation with our clients who all demand the highest standards of manufacture and remanufacture.

AJM Sewing is a company that delivers technical experience through our in-house staff.  We are committed to provide a high level of quality, working closely with our clients and standing by our values of Sustainability, Integrity, Respect and Performance.  AJM continues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the ever changing fashion industry, including the implementation of fabric cutting, using our asset base for sewing and our unchanged strategy of owning and operating large, long-life machinery set up for high quality control.

AJM has a proven execution of client projects. Using our expertise in full quality control for all garments leaving the doors to ensure the quality is keep to the highest possible level.

In March 2010 the business was recognised for its service to the fashion industry with an invite to Buckingham Palace for a champagne reception hosted by the Queen & the Duke of Edinburgh.  In 2012 we were approached to feature in the television series ‘Wales in a Year’ being the only surviving factory in the South Wales Valleys.

We continue to build on our success today and for tomorrow.

James Meller

James began his career in lingerie in 2001, after the company he worked for suffered the same fate as many others with the production being moved to overseas, he wanted to try and keep something here in the UK. Recognising there was an immediate gap in the market for small runs and high end production, he began AJM Sewing with 1 employee, growing to over 50 employees to date.

As a company AJM are dedicated to keeping the industry alive within the UK and are always looking at ways to ensure this happens. Currently taking on young apprentices to gain the vast experience of their piers before it is too late and lost.